FAQs - Buster's Brew Bone Broth for Dogs & Cats


How long will Buster's Brew stay fresh?

Buster's Brew bone broth for dogs and cats will last for over a year in it's dry form if stored away from heat sources and kept in a dry, dark place like a cupboard. Do not let the dry tea grounds get wet until you are ready to brew them. After brewing, any leftover liquid may be refrigerated in an air-tight jar for use within 3-5 days or placed in the freezer for up to 3 months. The tea may be microwaved and served lukewarm or served straight out of the fridge on hot summer days.

Why are only 2-3 servings per week recommended?

Buster's Brew contains very highly concentrated bone broth for dogs and cats and a little goes a long way. For pets with volatile tummies, it's a good idea to allow time for their digestive tracts to adjust to the tea. 2-3 servings weekly as a special, healthy treat for pets will be easy for them to get used to. This may be increased over time once your pet is fully used to the tea. Customers may also double up on the water content and give it to their pets more frequently without any ill effects. Dogs and cats truly don't want to stop drinking it! You'll see what we mean.

Note: Cats can be finicky drinkers so it may be a good idea to blend some tea in with their regular wet food.

Can I make it weaker / stronger?

Yes, you can adjust the intensity of Buster's Brew by using more / less of the tea blend or more / less water based on your pet's preferences.

Are there other uses for the bone broth tea?

Definitely! The bone broth tea may also be added an ounce at a time to your pet's water bowl to infuse great flavour, health benefits, vitamins and minerals. You can add some of the tea to pet food or make a hearty soup with it using finely chopped veggies and meats that are safe for your pets. You may also mix liquid medications into a serving of Buster's Brew to make it easier for your pet to take his or her meds. Please confirm first if this will not denature the meds. There are potentially so many other uses. Feel free to get creative!

Please test the tea first in small quantities to ensure that your pet likes it and handles it well. We've never met one that didn't!

Is Buster's Brew a premium quality pet treat or a pet health drink?

Buster's Brew bone broth for dogs and cats is both a pet treat and a healthy pet drink. Being both things at once is what makes it so great. Dogs and cats love the taste of our bone broth, but they also get so many health benefits from drinking it regularly. 

Most pet treats are solid treats and many of those can be hard on your pet's tummy. Our idea was to create a liquid that is full of good, helpful ingredients for your dog or cat while avoiding the issues that can come with digesting solid foods.

Can dogs and cats eat the tea grounds?

Most of the ingredients that form the tea are edible while some are small, solid bits that are there for the extraction of flavour, vitamins, and minerals. When you make the tea, the hot or warm water will melt the bone broth and further cook the barley and other items. However, according to some studies and experts, it is better not to give pets any grains directly, as they may have trouble digesting them. The best thing about Buster's Brew is that it's full of bone broth for dogs and cats and captures the essence and benefits of various delicious items, including barley's flavour and nutrients. This is a very safe way for your furry loved ones to experience these things without eating the solids directly. Please use a diffuser to brew our tea and follow the directions that come with your order. You may also drop the grounds directly in water and filter them out before serving the tea. Discard the grounds after brewing and store the leftover liquid in the fridge or freezer.

Note: If your dog or cat accidentally eats the grounds, there is no need to worry. Our grounds are as good as or better than any high-quality pet food out there. They will not harm your pet if it happens here and there. We just want to avoid any issues that your particular pet may have with digesting grains and any other solids.

Is this a safe product?

There is nothing in Buster's Brew bone broth that is unsafe for dogs and cats. In fact, all of the ingredients are not just considered acceptable or neutral, they are very healthy for pets and of the highest quality. This is not low-grade stuff! The product is made with the utmost of care and cleanliness in our kitchen. We love animals dearly and want to be in business a very long time; for these reasons, we will adhere to our stringent procedures.

Like humans, all pets are unique individuals and there is always a slim chance that this product may not agree with your particular pet. If your dog or cat dislikes our bone broth product and / or develops any issues after using it, please discontinue its use.

Do you make all of the ingredients?

Our complex process involves making fat-free dehydrated beef and chicken bone broth from scratch using high quality bones from grass-fed beef and cage-free chickens. It takes days to do this properly. We then grind it all down to a powder. We purchase the other fresh items, including the gluten-free pearl barley. The barley is gently toasted and ground up. The organic veggies undergo a special process and dehydration, and the powdered liver comes from a premium source. We grow our own special pet herbs and process them similarly. The turmeric that is used is specifically made for dogs and cats. We could go on and on about all of the processes involved, but much of it is top secret!

Everything is done by hand and the finished ingredients are carefully blended in just the right proportions to make a dog and cat bone broth tea that is unlike anything on the market. It could very well be the best thing ever made for pets to ingest. We're not kidding!

What are the potential benefits of this product?

It would take us many paragraphs to answer this properly, but let's just say the ingredients that go into Buster's Brew are known to have the following benefits:

  • They are rich in vitamins and minerals that support the immune system and contain healing compounds like collagen, glycine and proline. Collagen heals the gut lining and reduces intestinal inflammation.
  • They help with digestive problems, kidney issues, diarrhea, separation anxiety, canine and feline sleep disorders, stress, and irritability
  • They are highly nutritious, tasty and loved by dogs and cats
  • They have anti-oxidant and cancer fighting properties
  • They help relieve pain, joint problems, and arthritis
  • They are high in dietary fiber, very low in fat and contain calcium
  • Let's not forget: No additives / preservatives, 100% organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, caffeine-free, non-GMO, grass-fed, and cage-free. These aren't just buzzwords to us, they are very important aspects of Buster's Brew.

Is this a human-grade drink?

Absolutely! We think our bone broth for dogs and cats tastes great. In fact, we taste-test all of our batches and everything in them is safe for humans. However, some of the ingredients are specifically designed / prepared with dogs and cats in mind (liver, turmeric, pet herbs, etc.) so it is best to leave it for the furry ones. Rest assured, it's all delicious and safe for your pets.

Is Buster's Brew good value for my money?

Hmm. Let's concentrate on this one. Oh yeah, concentration is the answer! It may seem like our 1.5 oz size is small, but keep in mind that Buster's Brew is so concentrated with dehydrated bone broth and other ingredients that very little of it can make a lot of tea for your pets. 1.5 oz of Buster's Brew is enough to make up to 75 oz of quality, flavourful and strong bone broth tea for pets. That's almost 10 cups of tea! Even better, the larger size (4.5 oz bag or jars) can make over 225 oz of tea (nearly 30 cups)!

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